Office Glass Partition Systems

One of the sine qua non of the design and installation stages of today’s offices is office partition systems. Glass partitions today in many offices, banks, markets, and so on. used in areas, but also can be used in our homes. Especially in very large office areas, the most practical solution for room problems is the glass partition. Any decorative work can be done on the glass of the glass partitions that can be applied to every area. In addition to the color of glass transparent as well as smoked, bronze, blue, green can be used in colors such as. Office partition systems that give a separate atmosphere to the offices in terms of architecture are also preferred with ergonomic, disassembled and alternative product options.

Our partition systems have been designed to guarantee utmost visual lightness while ensuring high standards and acoustic insulation. Essential and elegant, they fit into all types of environment. Our partition systems allow the surrounding architecture to stand out, brightening up the spaces it delineates without any kind of compromise to privacy and discretion. The partition systems are extremely suitable for separating and organizing your workplace.

Through a long-term product research, development and experience in supplying to complex and large projects, we have established an incomparable understanding of the needs of the architects, contractors and the end users. The ideal removable partition wall for industrial environments Our removable office partition wall has been designed specifically for installation in administrative areas of industrial environments. The noise insulation and fire-resistant composition of the panels provide comfortable and safe working conditions in the heart of your industrial space. A modular partition wall In addition to industrial environments, our removable office partition wall will integrate nicely in any indoor environment.

With fully modular elements, you can achieve exactly the configuration you want for your professional space. We offer a range of finishes for you to choose from, although all our removable partition walls look very stylish. The partition wall for easy creation of the perfect layout Extendible and re-configurable, our removable office partition wall will keep up with the growth of your work area every step of the way. With customisable dimensions and panels that can be configured however you want, our removable office partition wall can be instantly re-configured to suit your needs.

At Ikon, we are committed to offer innovative and economical solutions to deliver greater functionality and utility. Ikon has put all its creativity and inventiveness into making optimal use of the versatile qualities of steel and aluminium. Just how well we have succeeded in doing so has been proven amply by the success of our partition systems.

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