PVC Joinery

PVC joinery is economically viable, long-lasting, functional in terms of basic requirements that it must meet, undemanding in terms of maintenance, aesthetically refined and economical. When designing a new building or renovating an existing one, it is very important to choose the right windows and doors. PVC joinery is very economical compared to other materials. It is easy to maintain because it is not necessary to renew the external protection. In terms of energy efficiency, PVC joinery has exceptional characteristics. It also has good results in terms of sound insulation. PVC has resistance to burning and is considered self-extinguishing, which makes it a very safe material. Ecological acceptability is reflected in the fact that it can be 100% recycled. Aesthetically, it can fit into almost all building styles.

Our company knows the needs of our clients and follows the the latest technological solutions. That is why it is worth presenting our window offer that will meet the expectations of all clients. The windows we offer are durable, functional, aesthetically pleasing and safe. They guarantee thermal protection and optimally mute the street noise. Thanks to the large glazing area, much more light passes through our windows. The outer surfaces of the windows are smooth and resistant to weather conditions, which makes them easy to clean. Our windows have a wide profile of a semi-surface flush sash, which ensures a perfect window appearance while maintaining maximum technical parameters. External seals perfectly drain water and provide protection against uncontrolled air exchange.

PVC windows are number one in energy efficiency
When compared with aluminum or wooden windows PVC window is a product that has the best insulation value; therefore, they can decrease the costs of energy and heating. PVC windows have the highest energy saving potential when they are especially used in passive home standard. Through the use of our latest technology product PVC profiles and triple glass the passive home windows can be produced efficiently and at low cost today.

What is the cost/benefit ratio of PVC windows?
PVC windows provide net cost advantage both in buying and along their life span. Wooden windows are approximately 20-50% more expensive than the PVC windows; aluminum windows on the other hand are the most expensive and 30-70% more costly as an alternative. They are the cheapest alternative in short and long term considering minimum maintenance as base for the duration of their service time of 50 years and high energy saving potential.

How to perform the PVC windows maintenance?
High quality PVC windows require minimum maintenance and their maintenance is extremely easy. On the other hand, wooden windows need to be varnished once every two years and must be painted once every 5 years. Latest technology PVC raw materials are strong against all types of weather conditions. Dishwashing liquid soap containing no bleach is enough to clean the smooth window frames.

How strong are PVC windows against fire?
PVC windows like other organic materials such as plastic, wood, textile etc., used in buildings will burn when exposed to fire. However, PVC window will extinguish on their own in other words they will no longer burn once the source of fire is removed. PVC windows have fire safety features due to their high chlorine content. They are hard to blaze up and their heat generation is relatively low.

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