Sectional Door

Compact sectional doors offer a range of solutions and designs to match perfectly to the architectural requirements of your site. The metod aluminum joinery range offers unique designs for compact, reliable and safe operation. Our range includes compact folding doors for car showrooms and garages. Compact doors by metod aluminum joinery set new standards for space efficiency, flexibility and architectural aesthetics. They are an ideal alternative for roller shutters and conventional sectional doors. Our compact folding doors do not need overhead support rails that are attached to a roof structure. Instead, they use a folding action to push the door leaves into a compact space above the doorway. Compact folding doors also includes versions that are available are ideally suited to emergency services buildings, warehouses, luxury home projects and more. Our compact doors are flexible in design. You can customise the panel style and colour to complement your building. If you need help in selecting the best compact door for your project, give us a call.

Since it can move vertically, it prevents space loss in front of and behind the door. Sectional door panels are positioned horizontally under the ceiling, vertically above the door opening or parallel to the roof. Sectional doors made of sandwich panels made of polyurethane are the most suitable industrial door and loading technologies for your factory that provide insulation with outdoor environments that require medium speed levels. Sectional doors save space by moving vertically (up and down), opening towards the bottom of the factory ceiling, not outside the factory door. Since sectional doors can be customized in many ways, they can be applied according to your personal taste without disturbing the architecture of your factory / home. Sectional doors and bellows systems can be used together. Sectional doors are filled with flexible rubber gasket on all four sides, thus providing maximum sealing and protecting the application area against external factors.

Sectional doors with a solid body made of sandwich panels made of polyurethane are designed with security measures against fires, strong wind, finger jams, not affected by friction and impact, and provide maximum safety and use in factories, warehouses, hangars, stations, etc. provides ideal solutions for industrial sectors. Sectional doors equipped with rubber filters on all sides are very robust and leak-proof. Sectional doors moving with the automation system have a safety system that ensures that the door is not damaged while the door is closed. In addition, sectional doors have uses such as spring break and rope break. All of the structured operations provide the maximum level of security in sectional doors. Sectional door with an average life of 12-15 years is suitable for use for a long time when it is maintained.

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